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February 26, 2013

Featured Customer ~ Colorado Heli-Ops!

ColoradoHeliOpsOwned by Dennis and Audrey Pierce and Bentley Kendrick, Colorado Heli-Ops is located at Broomfield Airport, just west of Denver, CO, at 11855 Corporate Way, Broomfield, CO 80021 (KBJC Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport). Open seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM, a great location for your next departure! Their phone numbers are 303-466-4354 or 303-466-4363.  Be sure to visit their website,  Check them out on Facebook, too!

Their Fleet consists of specially equipped Robinson R44,  Schweizer 300c and Bell helicopters.  They've chosen these machines specifically for their ability to operate in high altitude mountainous regions.  All helicopters are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance schedules, well above FAA minimum standards, by experienced Mechanics. Colorado Heli-Ops zero tolerance policy ensures a safe, well-maintained helicopter. Currently serving Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas and Arizona.

UtilityColorado Heli-Ops offers flight instruction, scenic flights, aerial photogtraphy, pipeline surveys, powerline surveys, waterway patrols, wildlife survey, search and rescue flights, construction support, forestry work, aerial lifting, communication tower repairs, remote aerial dropping and logistics.

Thinking about a career in aviation?  Colorado Heli-Ops can help you achieve your goal! As part of their flight instruction program, Student Loans are available to qualified applicants through AOPA Member Loans,, and the Utah Valley University Aviation Department, In addition, certain scholarships are available to female helicopter pilots through Whirly-Girls, and The Ninety-Nines, Colorado Heli-Ops can help you with these and more financing options.  Be sure to ask for information.

Be sure to check out Colorado Heli-Ops website,!  Better yet, enjoy the thrill of flight with a Discovery Flight!  Details are on the front page of their website...



February 20, 2013

PanAm Int'l Flight Academy Acquires ACA Academy...


Flight Schedule Pro ( is pleased to continue providing PanAm with the finest online management and scheduling software available! 


Pan Am International Flight Academy has acquired Airline Career Academy (ACA), a pilot training academy specializing in JAA/EASA and FAA Ab Initio training.
ACA will be integrated into Pan Am’s operations to offer professional pilot training programs.
ACA was established in 1995 and trains an estimated 250 pilots annually. Through this acquisition, the academy is approved to deliver JAA/EASA and FAA initial pilot training at Pan Am’s new facilities in Kissimmee/Orlando, Merritt Island, and Ft. Lauderdale Florida, supported with offices in Costa Rica, UK, Italy and Spain.
“We have always been impressed with ACA’s operations,” said Vito Cutrone, Pan Am’s Chief Executive Officer.
The company provides private, instrument and commercial multi-engine training with a fleet of approximately 50 aircraft, including single engine Cessna 172SPs, 172 G1000s, Piper Cadets, Warriors and Arrows, as well as multi-engine Beechcraft Duchesses and Piper Seminoles.  Article Courtesy: General Aviation News

Flight Schedule Pro invites you to enjoy your free 14-day trial of the best online management and scheduling software on the market today!
For more information:

February 19, 2013

Squawks, Snags and Defects ~ Oh, my!

Announcing our latest feature ~ Custom Squawk Resolutions!

We've had numerous client requests for the ability to customize Squawk Resolutions when managing Squawks.  Administrators can now create custom Squawk Resolutions and specify whether or not they resolve groundable Squawks.


When creating or editing a Squawk custom Resolutions will be available for selection:


Administrators can manage these items by going to "Company" > "System Setup" and then expanding the "Maintenance" Menu.


We've also added a new filter to the Squawk Detail Report so Administrators can filter Squawks by these new Resolution Types. 

We hope this makes Squawk management a little bit easier and provides you with some additional flexibility.  If you need some help coming up with your own custom Resolutions, try reading the following article:  :)

Seriously though, please let us know if you have any questions!  We are here to help!

January 31, 2013

Did you know Flight Schedule Pro is used on 6 continents?

WorldOf the 7 Continents, Flight Schedule Pro has clients on 6 (Antarctica being the only exception).

FSP has clients in all but a few of the fifty States of the United States of America, including Alaska, Hawaii and the United States Territory of Puerto Rico.

FSP has clients in Brazil, Malta, the UK, Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Japan, India and the Philippines, the Caribbean, Canada, United Arab Emirates and many other countries around the world.

Are we surprised?  No, and we hope you aren't either!  Proudly serving GA for over 10 years,  we are appreciative and honored that you would place your business and trust in FSP!  Being the Leader in online aircraft scheduling and management software we look forward to serving GA for many years!

Sign up for your free 30-day trial today!



December 17, 2012

The 12 Flights of Christmas


SUN ’n FUN CAMPUS, LAKELAND, Fla. – The SUN ’n FUN staff and Board of Directors have spoken directly with Santa and SUN ’n FUN has been added to the Elf Team from the North Pole! Twelve lucky children will find a certificate under the tree this year for an airplane ride on Dec. 28 at SUN ’n FUN.

For families who are finding it difficult to put Christmas gifts under the tree this year, there is another option. Through Dec. 20 parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends can complete the form found on the SUN ’n FUN website to nominate a child ages 8-18 by completing a 500-word essay describing the circumstances and the reason a child should be selected.
Starting Dec. 13, a child will be selected daily from the nominations to be in the air on one of The 12 Flights of Christmas. A certificate will be provided for the airplane ride on Dec. 28, as well as a luncheon to be hosted for the immediate family. Central Florida Aerospace Academy cadets and Lakeland AeroClub members will be on hand to provide mentoring and guided tours of the Florida Air Museum. A pass to the STEMtastics Day Camp to be held on Jan. 12, 2013, will also be included in the gift package.
Article:  Janice Wood, Editor of General Aviation News

For more information:

December 07, 2012

Today marks the 71st Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl harborEarly on the morning of December 7, 1941, 7:55 am, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. After less than two hours of bombing, 2500 servicemen and 68 civilians had been killed with more than 1,100 wounded. The USS Arizona sank with 1,100 servicemen aboard. It was hit 4 times during the attack. 18 American ships had been damaged or destroyed and nearly 300 U.S. aircraft had been damaged or destroyed.

Some former crewmembers have chosen the USS Arizona as their final resting place.
The bonds between the crewmembers of the USS Arizona have lasted far beyond the ship’s loss on December 7, 1941. Since 1982, the U.S. Navy has allowed survivors of the USS Arizona to be interred in the ship’s wreckage upon their deaths. Following a full military funeral at the Arizona memorial, the cremated remains are placed in an urn and then deposited by divers beneath one of the Arizona’s gun turrets. To date, more than 30 Arizona crewmen who survived Pearl Harbor have chosen the ship as their final resting place. Crewmembers who served on the ship prior to the attack may have their ashes scattered above the wreck site, and those who served on other vessels stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, may have their ashes scattered above their former ships. As of November 2011, only 18 of the 355 crewmen who survived the bombing of the USS Arizona are known to be alive.

Today we honor our Veterans who sacrified their lives for us, their families and friends. 


"Greater love has no man than this: to lay down his life for his friends."  NIV John 15:13

December 06, 2012

Meet the Second of our Fabulous Female Aviators......

8FA-WillaBrownWilla Brown.......

Following in the footsteps of Bessie Coleman, who, in 1921, became the first African American, male or female, to earn a pilot’s license from France’s Federation Aeronautique Internationale, Willa Brown was the first African American woman to earn both a pilot’s license (1938) and a commercial license (1939) — no trip to France required. 
A former schoolteacher and social worker with a degree in education from Indiana State University, Brown went on to establish the Coffey School of Aeronautics at Chicago’s Harlem Airport alongside her flight instructor-turned-husband, Cornelius Coffey. This institution would later become the first government-approved aviation training school for African Americans. The duo, along with newspaper editor Enoch P. Walters, formed the National Airmen Association of America, an organization with the aim of integrating black pilots into the U.S. military. 
Brown’s tireless fight for racial equality on the ground and in the sky eventually proved successful when the Coffey School was selected by the Civil Aeronautics Administration as one of several black aviation programs allowed to offer the Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP) to its pupils. In 1942, Brown became the first black female member of the Civil Air Patrol. Later, the Coffey School, with the U.S. Army's stamp of approval, began to send pupils to the pilot training program at the Tuskegee Army Air Field (Sharpe Field) in Macon County, Ala.

Article courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

July 12, 2012

ROLLS-ROYCE Unveils Lego Jet Engine (150,000 Legos and 1 Jet Engine!)

Lego800-2_tcm92-37876 ROLLS-ROYCE Unveils Lego Jet Engine

Rolls-Royce unveils at Farnborough the world's first jet engine to be made entirely of Lego

The engine, which is one of the most complex Lego structures ever built, is a half size replica of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

The one of a kind Lego structure shows the complex inner workings of a jet engine and took four people eight weeks to complete.

Including 152,455 Lego bricks, the engine weighs 307 kg and is over 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide.

Over 160 separate engine components were built and joined together in order to replicate a real jet engine. Everything from the large fan blades which suck air into the engine down to the combustion chambers where fuel is burned, had to be analysed and replicated using the world famous building blocks.

A team of graduates and apprentices from Rolls-Royce used their knowledge of the Trent 1000 engine to work with the company Bright Bricks, experts in Lego, to produce the immensely complex structure.  

Don't Miss the 2012 International Conference for the Ninety-Nines!

Here's the link:

Not familiar with the Ninety-Nines?

Established in 1929 by 99 women pilots, the members of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots, are represented in all areas of aviation today.  And, to quote Amelia, "fly for the fun of it!"

Interested in our organization?  Visit



We Welcome New Customers!

 Img-learn-fly-hereFlight Schedule Pro welcomes the following new customers to our aviation community: 

Aircraft Management Firm, LLC

Aviation Training Center

Aviatour's Fly'n, Inc.

Bevrick Pty, Ltd.

Beyond All Aviation, LLC

Blue Sky Flyers, LLC

Drakes Landing, Inc.

EAA Employees Flying Club

Edinburg Aviation

Euro American School of Aviation, Inc.

Golden Horseshoe Aviation

Mach Point Two, LLC

Moorabbin Flying Services

North Wales Air Academy

Papa Alfa Co., Inc.

Redbird Proflight Academy

Sphere One

University Flying Club

Wingnuts Aviation, LLC

These are great times at FSP!  Thank you for placing your confidence and trust in us!



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