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Flight Schedule Pro version 4 is Coming Soon

You may have already downloaded the new iPhone app which is the first step in an exciting new direction at Flight Schedule Pro.  The response from the pilot community has been excellent. Thank you for the helpful feedback many of you have provided!

We're now planning the launch of a brand new web version and there are other mobile apps and updates coming soon.

The new web version (v4) is Flight Schedule Pro re-imagined and will bring improvements to all parts of the product as well as introduce many new features and modules. If there is something important you think we should add, we'd like to hear about it.

Please feel free to comment below and let us know what is important to you.

A few improvements we're really excited about:

  • Modern, Easy-to-Use Web Interface
  • Responsive Web UI: Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling (already in beta)
  • New Pilot Records Management (already in beta)
  • New Aircraft Records Management (already in beta)
  • All New Accounting and Point of Sale
  • Student Curriculum Tracking (already in private beta )
  • All New Reporting
  • And much more . . .

When will version 4 be ready?

Version 4 is in private beta right now with 300 companies and the feedback so far is very positive. We're releasing new modules on a regular basis and expect the new version to be available Q4 2015.

How seamless will the upgrade be?

FSP v4 will be a seamless update if you're already using v3 because both versions use the same data.  Don't worry about this upgrade causing problems for your users either - our beta tests have proven that most users of v3 understand and can use v4 with no training necessary. It's really easy to use (and we're not just saying it).

We Appreciate You!

Thank you for using Flight Schedule Pro and for telling your friends about us! We sincerely appreciate your business and support. We're so excited to show you what we've been working on.  We are confident these new updates will have a positive impact.  Please let us know your thoughts . . . we are listening!


Jasen Barnes

Co-Founder, Flight Schedule Pro

Angel Flight Central~The 10th Annual Wine Flight

AngelFlightLogoFriday, November 21, 2014 from 6:30 - 11:00 PM, at Starlight Theatre, Angel Flight Central will celebrate its 10th Annual Wine Flight!  

Wine Flight is made possible through the generosity of Doug Frost, one of only four people in the world to hold both Master Sommelier and Master of Wine titles. Doug is the founder of The Jefferson Cup Invitational, an annual wine competition where hundreds of winemakers submit their best wines for consideration by a panel of renowned wine critics.  All bottles are then donated to Angel Flight Central for Wine Flight, where attendees get to sample them. 

Don Sumple, Executive Director, Angel Flight Central, will be happy to meet with anyone regarding this event or the Angel Flight Central organization.  Information concerning Wine Flight is available at: or by calling 816-421-2300.

Angel Flight Central, Inc. is a non-profit organization recognized by the IFRS under I.R.C. Sec. 501(c)(3), FEIN#: 43-1699607.


New iPhone Release version 1.2

Thank you for submitting feedback so we can continue to improve the app. We are listening! This release includes a few things admins and instructors will enjoy, including a new searchable all "Reservations" list.

Here's what's new in this version:

  • Now you can tap reservations on the visual schedule so you can see all the details
  • New searchable all reservations list for people who can make reservations for other users (pull the list down to search)
  • App now opens to the menu for less taps
  • Read-only users can now see the visual schedule
  • Many bugs have been squished!

Please use the app and let us know what you think! You'll find an easy way to send us feedback from the main menu of the app.

Here's the link to install if you haven't already:

Install Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone


Team FSP

K-State Wins Loening Trophy!

Article Courtesy of Kansas State University News and Communications Services.  Written by Julee Cobb, 785-826-2642,

Kansas State LogoSALINA — The Kansas State University Salina Flight Team has landed the prestigious honor of being recognized as the most outstanding all-around aviation program in the country — and has the trophy to prove it.

For the first time in school history, the K-State Salina team was awarded the Loening Trophy at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association's SAFECON National Championship, May 12-17, in Columbus, Ohio. The team finished 13th overall at the event.

"The moment our name was called was absolutely surreal, and on top of that, we were given a standing ovation," said Tom Karcz, assistant professor of aviation and K-State Salina Flight Team faculty adviser. "The Loening Trophy is a piece of history and we can't wait to display it on the Salina campus."

The trophy is made of Tiffany's pure silver and is uninsurable and irreplaceable. It will be hand-delivered to the campus where it will remain until next year's national competition.

The team has 18 members, with 12 members for the competition team after a try-out process.

"This event isn't just about titles and trophies. It gave our students the opportunity to network with fellow competitors and potential employers,” Karcz said. "Aviation organizations and companies from across the nation attend, too, and one of our team members even had a job interview while we were there."

The flight team received support throughout the year from the K-State Salina aviation department; the K-State Salina Student Governing Association; Verna Fitzsimmons, CEO and dean of K-State Salina; individual donors; and a variety of corporations.

For more information on the flight team, the competition or K-State Salina's professional pilot program, contact Karcz at 785-826-2979 or



New Feature: Aircraft Booking Alert

We added a small new feature you might like.  If you edit an aircraft you can now add an "Aircraft Booking Alert" which is displayed prominently when anyone creates or edits a reservation with that aircraft. Enjoy.

Better Flight Records

There are a lot of improvements in the works at FSP. One of those improvements is related to how flight records are logged and maintained. We want to streamline this process for you so you can spend your valuable time doing something you really enjoy doing, like flying.

We'd like to learn more about how you keep these records now. If you use Flight Schedule Pro for this how can we make it better for you? Please watch for the survey coming out via email.

Early iPhone release is now available (Version 1.0)

 Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone is now available! Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone

**Please note that the early versions of the app do not have administrative features. We will be adding management capabilities gradually with future releases.

Our team has been working hard to bring you an iPhone app you can be proud of. Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone is a free app that enables pilots to book new flights, manage upcoming appointments, and view aircraft availability right from the convenience of their iPhone.

Click here to install Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone

Please use the app and let us know what you think! You'll find an easy way to send us feedback from the main menu of the app.

Team FSP

iPhone controlled paper airplanes

Guess what this is?

Who among us hasn't taken a piece of paper and folded it into a paper plane?  And then let it fly on a direct path toward our greatest arch enemy?  Brings back memories of playing with my cousins on cool summer evenings as the lightning bugs flitted about and the grown-ups played croquet....

I'm not even going to write about this.  Instead, I'm giving you the link to the site.  This is just too much fun and too cool to miss:  Here's the link and have fun:

Article and Photos Courtesy of  VentureBeat.  


Welcome to new customers!

Aerial World Services, Ltd.

Aero Teknic, Inc.

AFT Center, LLC

Bali International Flight Academy

Centennial Aviation Academy

Chicago Crashpad Accommodations

Corporate Flight Advisors

Foothills Aviation, LLC


HP Transportation, LLC

Holladay Aviation

Integrity Flying Services


Max G Aviation

Melbourne Flight Training

MidTN Aviation

Modesto Flying Club

Next Level Air, LLC

Okoboji Flyers, LLC

Oordt Adventures bv

Precision Aviation Services, LLC

Rockcliffe Flying Club

Skyhawk Aviation, LLC

TC Helicopters

Tillsonburg Flying School

Wild Blue Flight Simulator

Wingnuts Aviation

Thank you for placing your trust in Flight Schedule Pro!

As you know, FSP just completed a major upgrade to the system.  The iPhone App is already in Beta testing! Couple that with our renewed commitment to Customer Support,  we hope you are as thrilled as we are!

Single Sign-on is now available

You can now access multiple organizations with a single account on Flight Schedule Pro!

Once you've linked more than one organization to your account, you'll see a page of all linked organizations when you log in and you can easily toggle from one organization to another without having to logout and log back in.

Add a New Organization to Flight Schedule Pro

Want to add a new and separate organization to Flight Schedule Pro? This is commonly used for seperate company divisions or separate groups of people or aircraft.  You'll have completely seperate records within each organization, however, you'll only need one login. Just go to and start a new 30-Day Trial.  Make sure you sign in with your existing account and we'll link the new organization.

Access another Organization that already uses Flight Schedule Pro

Ask the organization to add you as a user and send you an email invite.  Just make sure when you click the link in the email invite that you sign in with your existing account instead of creating a new account. Once you sign-in we'll link the new organization to your account.

Toggling from one Organization to Another

Once you've linked more than one organization to your FSP Account, you'll be presented with a list of your currently linked organizations right when you login.  Just click the name of the organization you want to access and we'll log you into that organization.  Anytime you want to "Switch" from one organization to other, you'll see a small "Switch" link at the very top of the page.


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