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Four Ways Flight Schools Can Attract Students Without a Big Budget

By Kathryn Creedy


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Hi All, I would like to remark that there are two questions embedded here:
1. Why choose a specific flight school?
2. Why choose flying as a career?

I appreciate the marketing approach to attracting students to a particular school. More serious problem is to attract the right people to undertake flying as a career. The latter one has developed over the last decade or more during which the airlines have, by and large, treated their pilots the way uneducated and unqualified workforce is usually treated. Young and aspiring pilots were paying for type ratings in full and in advance, and the profession overall lost its allure. Even experienced pilots, in advanced stages of their careers can't expect job security or relaxed life. There were times when kids went to fly out of passion, so only the first question was interesting. We are at the stage when I have to ask myself if someone got into aviation because they were not clever enough to study finance or banking.

As a flight school student (I attended two different flight schools to get my PPL in 2009) I was most attracted by schools that were "transparent." I could see what life would be like as a student on their Facebook page - the best schools showed photos of the classroom activities, short videos of the instructors, photos of first solos and other celebrations. Choosing a flight school is something we don't do lightly and social media really helped me "visualize" life as a flight school student.

I know many flight school owners don't see a direct result from this, but make no mistake - people are watching!

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