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About Flight Schedule Pro v4

We think you'll agree . . . Flight Schedule Pro v4 is our best product yet; redesigned and completely re-imagined from the ground up. The upgrade process has begun and we're not far from making v4 available to everyone. With over 90,000 flights booked already, we believe v4 is going to be a huge success!

Here's more about what's coming and the release plans.

So what's new with v4? Pretty much everything.

  • Modern, Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Responsive Web UI: Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
  • New Pilot Records Management
  • New Aircraft Maintenance Tracking
  • New Billing and Point of Sale
  • Student Curriculum Tracking (in Private Beta)
  • All New Reporting
  • And lots of other goodies.

With many thousands of hours of research and development, it’s impossible to sum up v4 in a single blog post. However, here’s a few of the main features and benefits . . .

Clean & Simple Design

Let's face it, it's a real challenge to make things simple. Most software teams aren’t able to achieve this, but doing so makes people’s lives easier. At Flight Schedule Pro we think that’s something to be proud of. Our goal with version 4 has been to make complex features more intuitive for all.

Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, & Smartphones

Today's user is on the go, accessing information from all sorts of different devices. Products that aren’t mobile friendly will be a thing of the past in the not so distant future. We designed the new Flight Schedule Pro to play nice with hundreds of different devices. The new responsive Web UI is a thing of the future! Best of all, this means you, your staff, and your customers can do things while on the go. Book it, dispatch it, pay for it . . . from right where you are.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling with Instant Updates

At the core of v4 you'll find powerful new drag-and-drop scheduling that makes booking and rescheduling appointments faster than ever before. Just click-and-drag an appointment to the new slot and confirm the change . . . it’s that easy. The schedule now updates live in real-time. New appointments or changes to appointments will “pop” onto your screen without needing to refresh. We’re also planning a few new scheduling views we think you’ll really be excited about.

Better Pilot Records

The future of Flight Schedule Pro is an easily searchable index of pilot and student pilot documentation. We completely redesigned the user profile and pilot records! Document forms are easier to fill out and document status is now more visible to both staff and end users. Best of all, keep your records up-to-date automatically by requiring specific document be filled out prior to booking or dispatch. All reservation and dispatch checks can now be customized per type of activity that's scheduled.

Flight Logging w/Self-Dispatch & Check-In

Logging flights in Flight Schedule Pro is the start of many great things: Better pilot and aircraft records, better maintenance status, and less paper. It’s also the key to a bright future of getting paid faster. We really wanted to streamline this process for you here: so it just works. If you want to allow pilots to dispatch and check-in their own flights, just give them the permission to do so. The new version makes this easy via smartphone, and we think you’re going to love it.

Improved Aircraft Maintenance

With v4, aircraft maintenance status is becoming more and more visible. As always, you have complete control over who can see and manage this information. The new aircraft profiles provide clean maintenance overview for anyone you grant access. We made it easier to log aircraft squawks during check in, and managing / resolving squawks is much more user friendly. Maintenance personnel will love the new color coded status of reminders which enables them to review the status of the entire fleet at a glance. We made a few good strides here and more features yet to come.

Billing & Point of Sale

Customers have processed millions of dollars worth of transactions using Flight Schedule Pro already, but we have an entirely new and exciting vision for this module. Driving sales is often about removing friction and making it easier for people to pay you. Our v4 Billing & POS module is all about helping you get paid faster. . .and more often. We want running your business or organization to be so easy and profitable that you actually enjoy it. Stay tuned for more progress in this exciting area.

Student Curriculum Tracking (In Progress)

Student retention is a real sore spot in the industry. What if you could increase your completion rate by 10 or 20%? That could be a real game-changer for your business and for the industry as a whole. Nothing can replace the importance of instructors having quality interaction with students, but we think our new student curriculum module is a huge step toward better retention, less paper, and more reliable records. We’re getting interest in this new module from both Part 141 and 61 schools and everything in between. Join the discussion, read more about this exciting new module here.


Send us your Feedback, we are Listening!

We designed the improvements in v4 by listening closely to customers like you. We’ll be posting preview links for admins in v3 soon. Please try the new version. If you see something that’s not right or an area we should improve in, please let us know. 

Thank you for using Flight Schedule Pro and for telling your friends about us! We're excited to show you v4 and we're confident these new updates will have a positive impact on your business. Please let us know your thoughts . . . we are listening!

All the best,

Jasen Barnes

Co-Founder, Flight Schedule Pro



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Thank you for all the feedback!

1. Recurring is available on v4 - you just need to have an admin re-save Activity Types for v4 then you'll see this new and improved version of recurring reservations

2. To set your default layout, create a saved filter and set it as "My Default filter".

3. We're working on a solution for printing in v4. It's tricky with the new layouts, but it should be much more useful in v3 once we are finished.

4. We understand that Android app would be useful we're just not promising a release date at this time. Thank you for your patience!

Thanks for using v4!

Looks pretty good overall.
One feature I miss is having the "Print" icon at the top of the schedule. In v3, it allows us to print the entire day's schedule on two legal size papers and use it throughout the day for dispatching purposes.

v4 seems to be missing an easy way of printing the schedule.
Any chance of adding that feature to v4?


Upgrade availability dates updated above. Please stay tuned for more info.


Congratulations on your latest update, its look it clean and simple! Do you have any plans for allowing eservations to be copied to a mobile devices calendar (iphone) or outlook?


I want it to stay in VERTICAL mode. How do you do that???

I don't seem to be able to pull up a month view and see all the reservations for planning purposes. Am I missing something?

When the schedule is in day horizontal display, if I scroll down, only the schedule section of the display scrolls, The list of aircraft and instructors on the left axis does NOT scroll with the schedule portion of the display. You can't tell which instructor is scheduled with which airplane and student.

I don't think this version 4 is ready for prime time!

Why does it now require me to schedule an instructor when I want to go on a student solo? The instructor is scheduled to be at the airport with another student, just like previous solo flights, but will now not let me schedule because the instructor has no free time blocks.

Where did the section go where we could input FLight Details ?

Got the sneak preview and loving the new version! Especially the drag and drop!

One big let down for me personally is that the Day Horizontal only shows one day. It helped me as an instructor to plan my next day when I could see two days. Could you please reinstate this feature?

Also, another vote for calendar auto updating please. That way, my phone and tablet have the bookings via Google Calendar.

Thanks and excited to continue using FSP v4 full time when we get the upgrade!

Roger, thanks for the positive feedback! This is a common response to v4. We're glad you like it.

Kate, we will give plenty of notice on this . . . no worries. Keep an eye out for future messages regarding the upgrade.

Nathan, we've optimized for Android and it works slick. You can even drag-and-drop appointments with your finger:) If you see any issues on your device please let us know.

Justin, we would be thrilled to offer a reliable personal calendar sync, but we don't want to launch a feature that results in people possibly missing their appointments. Checkout our feedback forum for the discussion on this. We're working to identify the best route for this. Thanks for your input.

Mike, reports have been completely redeveloped on v4. Smarter filtering and cleaner exports. Please let us know what you think.

I would be literally thrilled if I could get FSP to update my calendar with scheduled lessons...

I like version three but one of my issues is the reports. They are lacking and I need cleaner exports so I don't have to spend hours trying to format things afterward. Also we need more reports.

Well, I hope it works for Android. The current version works but is pretty hard to use on my droid.

Please, I need a least a couple weeks notice for this so we can communicate properly. Can you do this?

Seen it. Use it. Love it. Much less clunky than version 3.

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