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New features released in v4 private beta

A lot of new features have been added to v4!

. . . here are a few we thought you might like to hear about:

New Aircraft & Instructor Profiles

You'll find a new permission when editing roles in v3 called "Can View Resource Profiles". If users have this permission they'll get read-only access to the new aircraft and instructor profiles which have been completely redesigned for v4.

New Instructor Work Schedules

Work schedule management in v4 has been redesigned for mobile friendliness. In addition, time off / on can now be booked via the schedule in v4.

New Read-Only Maintenance Reminders

You'll find a new permission when editing roles in v3 called "Can View Maintenance Reminders". If users have this permission they'll get read-only access to view aircraft maintenance reminders in v4.

New Warning Period for Maintenance Reminders

You can now define warning periods for maintenance reminders in version 4. Fill out warning periods to bring awareness to upcoming reminders that are not yet expired.

Will you use any of these features? Comment below to let us know what you think!


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I hate this new format! How do I schedule maintenance? Why is your phone number no longer in use?

My members (1000+ users) are requesting if we can add "open" squawks to the dispatch sheet and not just the MX Reminders? Certain items are pilot deferrable but need to be acknowledged. Can we add this as an option on customizing the dispatch sheet?

Hi Johann, we're setup well for this now on v4 with the all new pilot records we recently released. We'll be adding support for file uploads in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

Would love to see a place to upload documents pertaining to a student. Scans of documents, licenses, etc in various formats.

Mike, thanks for the feedback - I'm glad to hear you like. We're planning to add notifications to these in v4.

Jenn, we're displaying any v3 aircraft photos you've uploaded in v4 so you don't have to upload new photos right away. However, at some point it might make sense to upload new higher resolution versions. The presentation is much better in v4.

Will we have to upload new aircraft photos for version 4?

I will definitely use the view only maintenance reminders. Right now this is not an option in the current version. I think the warning period could be helpful too. If you could send emails when m/x is coming due that would be great.

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