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Our visit to Aspen Flying Club


 Every once and awhile, we highlight a customer we're really impressed with. We visited Aspen Flying Club last fall and thought you might like to hear about them.

For starters, Aspen Flying Club has a great location within flying distance of the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado.  Location is a big factor but we think its team and diverse fleet of over 40 aircraft is a big part of the club's success.  At Aspen, they're not just training pilots, they've created an atmosphere where people can connect and have fun together as they pursue their passion.

It's main location is at Centennial Airport (KAPA) and through their recent partnership with Alliance Flight Training, members of Aspen Flying Club also have access to the rental fleet at Front Range Airport (KFTG).  No longer do students who obtain their license have to go elsewhere to fly.  With such a comprehensive fleet, students are assured they will have a plane to rent at Aspen Flying Club. Through monthly club fly-outs, many of the students and pilots team up to fly together. 

Why does Aspen Flying Club use Flight Schedule Pro?  "With such a large and diverse fleet, it’s important we have a system that can keep up with our demands.  We log well over 1000 hours each month.  Without a robust and automated system like Flight Schedule Pro, we would never be able to schedule and dispatch so many flights. Our members like Flight Schedule Pro because of its simple and intuitive user interface.  There’s no need for training.  After setting up an account, our members can easily figure out how to schedule flights on their own.  They also love the iPhone App." - Chris Dillis, President, Aspen Flying Club.

Be sure to visit Aspen Flying Club's website,, or on Facebook at

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