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Flight Schedule Pro version 4 is Coming Soon

You may have already downloaded the new iPhone app which is the first step in an exciting new direction at Flight Schedule Pro.  The response from the pilot community has been excellent. Thank you for the helpful feedback many of you have provided!

We're now planning the launch of a brand new web version and there are other mobile apps and updates coming soon.

The new web version (v4) is Flight Schedule Pro re-imagined and will bring improvements to all parts of the product as well as introduce many new features and modules. If there is something important you think we should add, we'd like to hear about it.

Please feel free to comment below and let us know what is important to you.

A few improvements we're really excited about:

  • Modern, Easy-to-Use Web Interface
  • Responsive Web UI: Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling (already in beta)
  • New Pilot Records Management (already in beta)
  • New Aircraft Records Management (already in beta)
  • All New Accounting and Point of Sale
  • Student Curriculum Tracking (already in private beta )
  • All New Reporting
  • And much more . . .

When will version 4 be ready?

Version 4 is in private beta right now with 300 companies and the feedback so far is very positive. We're releasing new modules on a regular basis and expect the new version to be available Q4 2015.

How seamless will the upgrade be?

FSP v4 will be a seamless update if you're already using v3 because both versions use the same data.  Don't worry about this upgrade causing problems for your users either - our beta tests have proven that most users of v3 understand and can use v4 with no training necessary. It's really easy to use (and we're not just saying it).

We Appreciate You!

Thank you for using Flight Schedule Pro and for telling your friends about us! We sincerely appreciate your business and support. We're so excited to show you what we've been working on.  We are confident these new updates will have a positive impact.  Please let us know your thoughts . . . we are listening!


Jasen Barnes

Co-Founder, Flight Schedule Pro


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Be able to link the schedule with your gmail or iPhone calendar!

Please consider at the very least including an .ics file with your reminder emails! Even better would be the ability for FSPv4 to "push" items to a shared calendar designated by the user in his or her profile.

Also, it would be outstanding if you could allow access via an API so that properly-authenticated users could automatically push and pull data to and from other systems.

Exciting news, we've announced a Q4 2015 release date of the new Flight Schedule Pro! Thanks for all your support and feedback!

Thank you for all the valuable feedback. We have taken note of these items and will be considering them for future releases!

Shaun, regarding the iPhone white boxes you are seeing, that issue is resolved if you update the iOS version on your phone which is highly recommended.

Please integrate with google calendar ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cycles would be great for tracking. We operate 3 turbine aircraft, and cycles are important for our mx tracking.

I typically use the web interface, which is great. The current (12/5/2014) version of the iPhone App displays a white box where the plane N number or instructor name used to be. I assume that the number/name is still there, only in white text. The layout is also stuck at day, horizontal regardless of what is set in the web profile. I am running iOS 6.1.3 on a 4S.
Is it possible to get an earlier version of the App?

We have three locations listed under our account.
It would be helpful for us to be able to control the business hours, and schedule view for each location individually, rather than one global setting that applies to all.

Any more news on a release date? We're all anxiously awaiting!

When will you guys be making an android app for FSP?
iphones are great but i don't have one so...

Would really like to see it as a stand alone accounting program. Frustrating to have to transfer everything by hand to our accounting program. An export to quickbooks or simply would be good.

Steve, that's a great idea and a natural fit for Flight Schedule Pro. We will keep it in mind for future releases. Thanks for posting the idea.

I would like to see parts inventory and/or parts management be incorporated in a future version. Hopefully this would also include a way to bill aircraft for parts and bar code generator for point of sale in addition to cycle counting of parts in stock.

It would be nice is you had the option of printing internal comments on the daily schedule if you wanted to

Thank you for your comments!

Andy, you can tap to call in the iPhone app coming soon

Gus, this is fixed with v4!

Sabine, we are planning to add integration with the most used accounting packages.

Krista, the items you mention are already fixed on v4!

John, a new iPhone app update just went out that fixes the issues related to iOS 8

Stay tuned, thanks!

Will you have an integration to external Accounting Software like Quickbook intuit/ or Sage- Simply Accounting?

I would love to see the Instructor name and time bars lock as your scroll down/left.

Also, if you change the flight type while making a reservation, it erases everything you have already entered. It would be nice not to have to start over if you forget to set that initially. Thanks FSP!!!

Android version would certainly be appreciated.


The app works most of the time. Just tried to delete a reservation and the UI failed me...needed to launch a browser to get it done.

Thanks for all the great ideas! Keep an eye out for v4 beta to re-open and more announcements coming soon!

On the web based page (non mobile), when you scroll to the right to look at other aircraft or instructors than what are initially in view, the times scroll off the page. Any way to 'lock' them so the time information remains visible when scrolling right for ref when scheduling something in a column not all the way to the left in the initial viewing window width?

Quite a few members are wondering where the Android app is.....

Some items I would love to see:

* Would be nice to see consistency between app functions and views and web app functions and tools
* Week view, schedule "start" time selector default to current time and date, settable default "end time" selector offset (+2 hours) based on "start time" (e.g. if start time set to 3pm, end time should default to 5pm)
* Ability to "standy by" or otherwise be notified if time slots "open up"
* Have ability to do billing from within app, and be able to enter hobbs times directly, so maintenance timekeeping can be accomplished as well. This would allow numbers to be entered while in aircraft, and have billing be immediately completed
* Weight and balance

I use FSP every week. Mostly the web interface from both my Mac (Safari) and iPad Air. I do use the iPHone client on my iPhone ,but find the interfcae just ok. I was wondering if you are working on an iPad client.

Phil ...

I would describe the current version of Flight Schedule Pro as good, but not great, so I'm very glad to know you're working to improve it.

A few items I'd like to see in the next version:

First is accessing contact information for renters. I'd like to be able to get a phone number or e-mail for a renter from the schedule screen, instead of having to search through the user index.

I'd also like to see integration with Google calendar and an andriod app.

Robert, yes - we are planning to make it easy to schedule classes and events also.

Pascal, we are planning to clean up and standardize the emails as at some point. We may even have some plans where you can get access to the data itself.

Steve, thanks for sharing the idea. We will consider with calendar integrations we do.

Glen, thanks for the positive feedback! Our goal is a 10x improvement over the previous version and I think we are achieving it. You won't need to move any data over. We open up beta signup every once and awhile so please keep an eye out for it to re-open.

Hi, we currently use the older version of Flightschedulepro and have found it quite good. The improvements in the Beta package will turn a good product into a great product.

We were wondering if we run with the new improved version, will our current bookings and data be transferred across or will everything need to be manually re-entered.

And "how do we get it?", cheers. Glen.

On my wish list is the ability to schedule personal time events in outlook calendar and have it automatically set up an instructor time off event , for approval of course before updating my time off.

Will there be a ground school booking system in Version 4?

It would make the product perfect for us if we can manage ground school sessions with a limited classroom size (just 7 students). We would need to offer up to 11 different subjects and schedule the subject on a day to allow students to book onto it using FSPro.


Please make the reservation emails parsable. Right now the date/time formats in the emails are constantly changing and unreliable (despite all of the users having the same date/time preferences locale).


We'll take your comments into account regarding the display of standby reservations. I have some ideas on how we can display these better. This is coming to v4.


Good ideas with the required fields. We have some great features already in this area which we will be rolling out with FSP v4.

You need an improvement on the backup reservation system. I'm part of a 6 plane club, and the "old system" it was much easier to see when someone had put a back up reservation down for a plane. As it is now unless someone clicks the backup reservation tab (which no one ever does unless they are the person wanting the plane) it was very clear that someone else wanted the reservation time.

We would like the option to delineate which fields are required to be filled-out when a student registers for FSP. Often critical information such as emergency contact or weight is not filled-out and we have to chase after students. It would save us a lot of time if this simple option was enabled.


Another great option would be the ability to automatically add new scheduled events to Google Calendar. Just a simple button that says "Add to Google Calendar"

Thank you.!

I cannot communicate my impression of you guys enough.

Good Job. You are acting in a manner of way that clearly should put you folks at the top, in an arrangement of ways.

I would love to talk with you about our glider operation that utilizes your program on a 1-1 basis, see if I can get some ideas from you folks as well thank you in person.

Any word on an Android version?

I'm sure you have heard this already but an iPad version would be incredibly helpful! Great work so far and thanks!

Don, thank you for the positive feedback!

Jamie, yes - we are working on iPhone improvements. Thanks for letting us know what you're looking for. I've taken note.

On the phone app you need to be able to zoom in and out to see as much or as little as you want. Also the colours need to be on the phone app as well.

I hope I can invoice my clients in the currency that we are using here.
Look forward to see reminders for pilot license holders that are flexible enough to assist in the administration, not complete at the moment as we are still using paper and pen at the same time.....
If we have a picture of the member, so we can see who it is... wow that would be good. I can not remember all our members......
Having a possibility to download a copy of the actual license..... priceless
Able to track the various written exams ( we have six in total) would be fantastic.

waiting and looking forward to see the new system

I think the drag-and-drop will be nice. And it definitely could work better on my phone. Thanks for the effort.

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