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Flight Training Student Syllabus / Student Curriculum Tracking (in Private Beta)

We've heard it time and time again: there is no simple, flexible, web-based system that makes student record keeping easy. Paper is often inefficient, error prone, hard to read, and can disappear all at once.  FSP is committed to providing a solution that offers easy-logging, easy look-up, great reporting, and peace of mind so you know your records are safe.

We're excited to announce that we're building the next generation of pilot records management.

Let us know you're Interested

We need your feedback to make it great!  Please answer our brief survey to show your interest and tell us more about your operation.  


What we think you'll love about FSP's new Syllabus Tracking...

Green-Checkmark Easy-to-Use  (And we're not just saying it)

Green-CheckmarkOffline iPad app for Lesson and Task Grading

Green-Checkmark Customizable solution that supports both custom and "off-the-shelf" syllabi

Green-Checkmark Satisfies Part 61 and Part 141 requirements

Green-Checkmark Customizable to meet the needs of our customers located in over 30 countries  (FAA Transport Canada, CASA, EASA, CAA, DGCA, etc.)

Green-Checkmark Track Student Course Enrollment  

Green-Checkmark Student Progress Reporting


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we have a pending application for 141 and as such interested to see the software in operation. The pricing is also important with quick,easy and clear user interface also important.

We've logged hundreds of live training sessions now and are receiving great feedback in private beta. Working with syllabus providers, please let yours know you'd like them to load their syllabus into Flight Schedule Pro.

Hi Pete, it's highly customizable. As many courses as you want. Custom tasks / maneuvers. Courses can have as many stages and/or phases / lessons that you want. Lesson and task grading is fully customizable. Product just released in private beta. Pricing has not been finalized at this point. Thanks for your interest.

Very interested...what is the time frame?

How customisable is the interface. How many courses? PPL, CPL, CMEIR?

Customising: Can you go to the level of CBT outcomes for each lesson?

What is the ballpark pricing?

I am currently writing a new syllabus for our flight school and this option would be perfect to rollout to the members when we go live with it. Is there a updated time frame for release or a possibility of beta testing? We are a current customer.

Can't wait to see this in action!

Brad, it may sound too good to be true but it's not! I don't have a release date for you yet but you'll be hearing more about it in the next couple months. Thanks for your interest!

Sounds too good to be true. When is it coming???

My flight school uses FSP for dispatching and mx tracking but I would love to have this available for use with my students

pretty interesting feature and cost saving (paper and ink), might be a reason to switch to FSP

I want this!

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