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Single Sign-on is now available

You can now access multiple organizations with a single account on Flight Schedule Pro!

Once you've linked more than one organization to your account, you'll see a page of all linked organizations when you log in and you can easily toggle from one organization to another without having to logout and log back in.

Add a New Organization to Flight Schedule Pro

Want to add a new and separate organization to Flight Schedule Pro? This is commonly used for seperate company divisions or separate groups of people or aircraft.  You'll have completely seperate records within each organization, however, you'll only need one login. Just go to and start a new 30-Day Trial.  Make sure you sign in with your existing account and we'll link the new organization.

Access another Organization that already uses Flight Schedule Pro

Ask the organization to add you as a user and send you an email invite.  Just make sure when you click the link in the email invite that you sign in with your existing account instead of creating a new account. Once you sign-in we'll link the new organization to your account.

Toggling from one Organization to Another

Once you've linked more than one organization to your FSP Account, you'll be presented with a list of your currently linked organizations right when you login.  Just click the name of the organization you want to access and we'll log you into that organization.  Anytime you want to "Switch" from one organization to other, you'll see a small "Switch" link at the very top of the page.



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Unfortunately, v2 organizations cannot be linked.

Hello, I have a question. I was going to link multiple organization. One of them uses Flight Schedule pro ver2. Is it any way to link it with Ver 3?

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