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iPhone app for pilots coming Soon! (Sneak a peek...)


We are proud to announce the release of Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone!

Click here to install Flight Schedule Pro for iPhone

Behind the scenes we've been working on a few very exciting projects!  Get ready for some huge improvements coming to Flight Schedule Pro.


Stay tuned, we have more exciting announcements for you coming soon!

We shared a few screenshots below - please let us know what you think? Will your pilots like it?

02 Schedule

01.0 View Booking

01 Booking - Choose Date

02 Booking - Unpopulated


01 Select Aircraft - All



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Hey, is there any word yet on an Android version of this app?

any word on android version?

Good news kind friends! The app is now live on the store...

I'd like us to be a beta for IPhone/IPad too please.

You've been talking about this app forever! When is it going to be out????

When is the planed launch? I would like to be in the beta if still available.

Thank you for reaching out regarding the beta. The beta is closed right now as we near the launch of the first version. Please stay tuned!

Can I also be added to the beta list. I'm looking forward to using this app.


Will the mobile app have the ability to check in/out? This would be insanely helpful, to fill in hobbs and tach times directly into the scheduler, in addition to helping with after hours flights.

Is there an ETA for release?

Thank you for your interest in beta testing app. We have a limited number of beta slots open and the current beta is closed. The app is coming together nicely. We're working on a few improvements which could take a few weeks but we know they'll be worth it in the end. Stay tuned!

Are there any updates for the app coming out? I tried signing up for the beta but I haven't heard back. My testflight account is all set up. What's the next step?

Looks great. A key requirement for us would be for pilots to be able to add in their flight times. Does it have that functionality?

I run and lease out an R44 in the UK. If you're still looking for beta testers, I'd be very happy to help too.

Can I be added to beta ASAP?

The app looks fluid and smooth. I hope it operates the same way! Any way I could snag one of those betas? I am an admin on the San Carlos Flight Center page.

Using the Mobile.flightschedulepro isn't anything like this. I guess I'd have to be added to the beta list please!!

Drew, app is coming soon! We're in beta right now making sure everything is working ok. Stay tuned!

So.... App not coming out 2013?


These are some great ideas you are posting, thanks for the feedback. Please visit our idea forum at to vote and share ideas. We really want to hear from you!


Unfortunately, v2 accounts do not work with the new Single Sign-On.


This is a great idea - it looks like it's getting quite a few votes on our idea exchange here also. Please feel free to comment:

This looks great would there be a possibility of customizing this to our flight school? For instance the back ground photo? Also is there any kind of billing functionality for the CFI on the go? For those of us with admin capabilities are we able to down an aircraft for maintenance and receive push notifications on expiration notices? I would love to be a beta tester our company is looking forward to share this with our customers.

Can you set an option to integrate bookings with the iPhone calendar app? Would be great for instructors and customers. Could just do Caldev on the site for that too either way. Also any idea on release date?

Looks awesome! When an Android version comes out, I'll get it.

Looks great! Would also like to see a note section there next to each booking so only the instructor and the student can see it.

Will get it once an Android version is out!

I would love to have my account added to the beta list as well, if possible.

I second the request for android mobile APP. I use ipad mini for forefilght only and my android phone for everything else. So logging and scheduling is all always android...


Hello, I am the CFI at a flight school in Calgary, Canada. I would like to be able to give some feedback through your beta program also. My questions would be about the ability to create and edit bookings easily through the app, as that can be quite cumbersome on iOS and the regular site right now... Thanks.

Looks nice. When can we see this for Android?

Shawn, it's a great idea and feature we're looking into but the initial release won't support this. Thanks for the feedback.

Sheldon, we're focusing on iOS initially but we're building the apps so they are easily to launch on Android and other platforms in the future.

What about android love????

Can you link the schedule to the calendar on your phone.

I'd like to be added to the beta.

Great Lorin! We added you to the list and will be in touch.

I am so excited to see this! We would love to be part of the beta to help.

Oh, great Doug. Interesting how we connect globally through the Internet when we are in the same back yard :)

Hah, funny to see Michael's post coincidentally close to mine -- I'm a customer at Air Associates of KS, just down the street from you guys. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. We're excited to hear you are excited!


We added you to the beta group. We'll be in contact with you as we get closer to launch.


What organization are you with?

Air Associates of KS and MO would be interested in beta as well. Let me know as I know many of my employees and customers are anxious to see this come to fruition.


Awesome! I was just wondering myself if this would be coming! The mobile site is kinda drab, and the full site is only slightly tricky to use from a phone. Of course, if you want yet another person interested in testing, count me in, otherwise, I'll be looking forward to the full launch!

David, thanks . . . we're glad to hear it!! I added you to our beta list. iPhone launch is scheduled for December 2013 and the iPad launch early 2014.

This is going to be great. Switching all of our IP's to iPad minis and this will makes things a lot easier throughout the day. Can't wait for this. Would love to be in beta also!!!! Any timeline yet???

David M.
-Wrong Bros. Flight Training Wing

Great, this will make it easier for everyone

Thanks for your comments!

Tony, we added you to the beta list - thanks for your interest!

Rick, you can easily log out of the app but I don't think you'll want to. You can link up multiple Flight Schedule Pro accounts to the app.

Devin, the iPhone app won't have all of the same features as the full version, but it works off the exact same permissions. What are you wanting Instructors to be able to do/not do?

Pablo, thanks for noticing this - its a design mockup (the real thing is being created as we speak) so I don't think this will be a problem. What are you wanting access to via API?

This looks great! Looking forward to the updates.

I like the look of this, however, I have a question about the first two screenshots. There are two appts, I think, one for 9/18 and one for 9/24. The question is, why is David Shipley listed twice. Both are for 10:30 am. That seems to be too much real estate to show the same thing.

Also, it'd be nice to get API access to FSP.

This is great! Will instructors and admin have the same privlages on the app as on the fspro page?

Awesome!!! About time

Can you sign in and out from it??????

Any chance our Flying Club could be in the beta? I would love to test it out.

We are current FSP customers.


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